How to get healthy long hair


Hello girlies!! I’ve had some crazy experiences with my hair over the last few year, So ill share them with you! It use to be so dry and damaged and short from straightening my hair every single day. (worst thing to do) but now its the healthiest it’s ever been.


I started not straightening my hair junior year of high school and I haven’t straightened it since. Since then the texture of my hair has changed and the look of it. I also started taking biotin every single day! I take the hair skin and nails by VitaFusion. My hair would NEVER grow past my shoulders and it got almost down to my waist just by taking really good care of it and taking biotin.

Tips that I use for growing your hair and keeping it healthy are..

  • Use good hair products. I started off by using products from target and didn’t know how damaging it actually was to my hair. All those harsh chemicals I didn’t know I was putting on my hair was making it worse not better. So I switched over to Kevin Murphy hair products that I get from Salon BellaVi in downtown Plymouth. I use the Angel wash and rinse and since then my hair has been so healthy and soft, no harsh chemicals are being used on it and I know exactly what it’s doing to my hair.
  • Another tip is not to use cheap products on colored hair! I recently purchased a blow dry spray from ulta and was using it for a good 2 weeks and went to go get my hair colored and the spray had created a build up on my hair and reacted with the color and matted up the ends of my hair. So I will NEVER be using products that I don’t know about or that aren’t safe for colored hair. I use the bliss smoothing cream by Surface that acts like a leave in conditioner and protects your hair against heat, humidity, and basically just makes it look so good.
  • Don’t use heat on your hair everyday. Since I stopped using heat on my hair everyday it isn’t as frizzy and dry as it use to be and its more soft and full.
  • Keeping your hair tied up all day everyday will also damage it a lot. Give your hair a break and keep it down.
  • Washing your hair everyday also isn’t as good as it seems. The natural oils in your hair are good for it. So when your hair is greasy throw some dry shampoo in or throw it up.

Since I’ve started taking good care of my hair not even kidding you it has grown so long and i’ve never been more in love with my hair. it’s so healthy and feels amazing.

Heres a picture of my hair freshmen year and my hair senior year.

freshmen year I thought it was long and healthy but it wasn’t. Now that I know what healthy hair looks and feels like I’m not going to go back to crappy products and damaging my hair everyday.

Let me know if you buy any products I use and how you like them! Also if you go to Salon BellaVi be sure to see Blake for your hair she is the best! Also all the products are sold there!


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