10 of my favorite things for spring + little haul

Ive been LOVING the color yellow lately. Its such a happy and vibrant color. Yellows, pinks, baby blues, and mostly pastel colors are my favorite for the spring time! Im going to list 20 of the things I’ve been loving lately for the start of spring!

  1. Iced green lattes from Starbucks! OMG these are amazing with these 2 little secret ingredients I use… I order an iced green tea latte with coconut milk + vanilla! the vanilla makes it. I recommend trying this drink it’s so refreshing.
  2. Phone cases that have a built-in little pocket on the back for your cards! I’m always running around going into stores really quick or even pumping gas and don’t want to carry my purse while I do something super quick. I got a phone case from thread wallets that I can keep my card in and its soooo convenient for busy days.
  3. Off the shoulder shirts. I have been such a big fan of shirts that show your shoulders, it makes your outfit look 10x better when your feeling lazy. I just bought one for only $15 from holister that’s so flattering and such a perfect bright red.
  4. I recently just got this blow dry spray from ulta called that I used a while ago from a hair salon and its the best blow dry spray ever! I put it on after I towel dried my hair and put leave in conditioner in and it makes you hair so soft and silky after blow drying it and it smells AMAZING. 10/10
  5. Skirts. If you’re not a fan of “dressing up” everyday because your lazy, just go buy some cute skirts. You can honestly make an outfit look like you put so much effort into it just by wearing a shirt instead of leggings. My favorites are from pacsun or this online boutique called thesethreeboutique.com
  6. Teeth whitening. Theres nothing I hate more than yellow teeth. I buy these teeth whitening stripes from target that are so easy to use and whiten your teeth so nicely. Having nice white teeth makes you more confident, smile more, and just makes you look 10x better.
  7. Tarte maneater mascara. This mascara has been my go to fav for about a month now. It’s so nice and creamy and makes my eye lashes look like I’m wearing fake eyelashes.
  8. Chickpeas + cucumbers. If you’re looking for a nice healthy lunch or snack try eating chickpeas with sliced cucumbers and Italian dressing! mix it around like a little salad. It’s so refreshing and healthy.
  9. Necklaces. I’ve been loving super short necklaces lately that you can layer with mid length necklaces. I got one from forever 21 that is 2 short necklaces connected together and are the perfect little necklaces to add to your look.
  10. Rings. Who doesn’t love getting your nails done then adding some cute rings to your hands? I’ve been so into accessories lately and having cute dainty rings really make me happy. Ive been getting a bunch from Pandora that are the perfect rings to wear everyday.

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