Spring CLEANING + Sunday Motivation


Hello lovelys!!! I’m so dang happy for spring to be here! It’s slowly but surely getting warmer everyday and it makes me want to start fresh so bad, so I’m going to share with you my favorite things + tips for spring cleaning your space, life, body, and soul (why not?)

First things first… stop being lazy (this is directed towards me) I low-key have been being so lazy lately and its so awful. I feel so tired and groggy and dehydrated and just not even feeling myself. When ever I feel like this I re-do my style. I look at makeup videos, hairstyles, buy a couple new clothing items and just get inspired again. Then it motivates me to get up and get sh*t done! Who wants to sit around all day when you have a cute outfit to wear and some pictures to take?

CLEAN OUT YOUR SPACE. I just went through my whole entire closet and got rid of the clothes I don’t wear or even clothes that I wanted to keep but didn’t even wear last summer. Believe it or not the clothes you didn’t wear last year, you most likely won’t wear them this year ether. Go through your drawers, rearrange them, organize, spice it up buy some new products; throw out the old.

Take a day out of the week (Sundays for me) and do the cleaning that you hate and almost never do. I call it (GYST) inspired by Kalyn Nicholson


Get Your Shit Together

  • Laundry
  • Vacuum
  • change bed sheets/ pillow cases
  • plan for the week ahead
  • dust
  • organize
  • meal prep
  • shop
  • relax+ recharge
  • face mask, bubble bath, hair mask, coconut oil ( after your fresh sheets of course)
  • then just sit back and read a dang book, turn off your phone and disconnect for a while.

Not even kidding you, you will feel 10x better.

I’m all about change ( for the better ) So changing my bedroom around, my coffee order, my hair, clothes, breakfast, or even workout routine makes me feel like a new person and it gets me motivated to keep going.

Wake up a little earlier, have some coffee, plan for the day, and get shit done.


1 thought on “Spring CLEANING + Sunday Motivation

  1. Laziness is probably one of the biggest inhibitors to changing for the better, leading a healthy and balanced lifestyle, etc. On some days, I have to tell myself, “Stop being lazy and just do it.” And it does make me feel so much better! Thanks for sharing 😉


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