My top SECRETS for staying lean/toned

I’m sure everyone wants to start getting lean and toned for the summer! I have found through trail and error my top secrets for staying lean and I’m going to share them with you so you can see if they work for you!!

First things first stop eating processed crap. It makes you tired, bloat, and you don’t even feel full after it. Once I stopped eating chips, crackers, pretzels, fruit snacks, cereal, pop tarts, and started eating snacks like fruit, nuts, veggies, humus, healthier options of chips/ crackers. I noticed a HUGE difference. Not only did I not crave those crappy foods anymore but my body was full of energy and nutrients to keep me going and staying healthy.

Once you cut out those snacks foods start eating a balanced diet. Breakfast, lunch, snack, than dinner. Plan out your meals so you aren’t just snacking throughout the whole day and not giving your body a full meal to hold on to. Stop eating before 8 so your body has time to process your food before you go to bed and you won’t wake up feeling bloated!

DONT STARVE YOURSELF. Lots and lots of people think the easiest way to lose weight is by not eating… WRONG. I eat so much during the day and still stay lean. It’s what you eat that matters not how much you eat. Please remember that.

Now onto water and apple cider vinegar. I’ve previously posted a blog post about my experience with drinking APC. And I’m still doing it and have noticed SO many differences. Please give it a try if you can manage the taste of it. I find it works good at night after I’ve eaten and in the morning before I eat! Lemon water is a huge YES! Drink your water ladies. You won’t know how big of an impact water is until you start drinking the right amount. No pimples, no water weight, more energy, control appetite, and so much more.

Now working out. I love the feeling of working out. Don’t go to hard on yourself, listen to your body and what workouts make you happy. Don’t keep doing something you hate. Cardio followed by HIIT and weight training is what I love to do! I’ll do 5-10 mins of cardio ( stair stepper or elliptical machine) then do a HIIT workout with squats, lunges, crunches, and more. Then followed by some weights for my arms. I find this works the best for me and I only work out for about 30 minutes a day! Don’t over do it to where you hate working out. And remember you don’t need a gym to get a nice body!

Try my top secrets and let me know how it works for you! Remember if you do things consistently you will see a change don’t give up after not seeing a difference in 2 days!


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