March GOALS + bullet journal

I feel like the month of February went by so fast and honestly don’t even know if I stuck to my goals or not….

HAPPY MARCH! I’m writing this on the crappiest day ever because its pouring outside and suppose to SNOW later?!? Im so excited for warmer weather and sunshine. My mood instantly shifts when its sunny outside.

I’ve discovered bullet journal and honestly if you are into using planners and being creative and organized then you would definitely enjoy this. You basically plan out your day-to-day life using this and track everything. Took me awhile to want to do this but it is kinda fun on rainy days. I started a habit tracker and you basically write down habits you want to do everyday, for example I put like “wake up at 8”, “drink lemon water in the morning”, “work out” and other things I want to keep doing everyday. Then when you do them you fill in a little square next to day 1. So at the end of the month you can see what days you did those things and how much you put it off and didn’t do them! I’m definitely a visual person so if I see how much I’m putting something off and not doing it then it will make me want to do it more.

I also added a “didn’t spend” habit! So on days I don’t spend money on useless things like coffee ):  (not that it’s totally useless) then I will fill in the box to show I saved money that day!

I’m going to try this for the month of March and see how it goes and if I can keep all the goals I want to achieve on an everyday basis easier to manage. I recommend doing this if you are trying to start something new and adding it into your day-to-day life/ routine! img_0016.jpg

1 thought on “March GOALS + bullet journal

  1. I have found using a habit tracker definitely helpful in at least making improvements. I can’t say I’ve formed robust habits, yet. But I’m definitely better than before!

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