Healthy habits that changed my life

I’m all about having a routine and making healthy habits. SO I will share all the healthy habits that changed my life and make my day better!! btw happy flipping Friday so happy for it to be the weekend although I should spend time studying for a test I have…. I would rather do this. but we will see 😉

The first healthy habit that I started doing was waking up earlier. I use to sleep in until noon and then it would take me at least 2 hours to get up and out of bed and get ready for the day and by then the day is half way over and you wasted it being lazy. So by waking up earlier I’ve gotten more things done, healthier mindset, more energy, I don’t feel sluggish and lazy, and It makes you feel good.

2nd habit I’ve been doing that I’ve seen a difference in is drinking lemon water first thing when you wake up. Before eating anything just make a glass of cold or even warm lemon water. This will help so much with detoxifying your body and boosts energy and your mood!

3rd habit is cutting out pop and juice and any sugary drinks (besides coffee) haha! This has helped me with not only my skin but my body weight and health. I would always get pop when going out to eat and by justing getting lemon water as a healthier choice it has helped so much.

4th habit is eating breakfast. I almost would never eat breakfast or I would but it was cereal and wouldn’t fill me up so I would snack ALL day long. By taking time out of your morning to make a filling breakfast you will see you won’t snack as much during the day and you can stick to balanced meals.

5th habit is taking care of yourself. Wearing something that makes you feel good, getting your nails done or hair done. If you wake up everyday and wear and do the same exact thing you will get stuck in a rut so by changing things up and always getting ready and feeling good about yourself then your days will get better and so will your mood.

6th habit I’ve done is stop eating fast food! I thought I would never be able to do this but I now can’t even remember the last time I’ve had Taco Bell or Burger King. Everything in their food is so unhealthy and doesn’t even make you feel full afterwards. By doing this I saved money AND lost some extra fat!

7th habit is…… working out. OF COURSE this is given but I don’t just do it to stay in shape. I do it to feel good, boost my mood, help my self-confidence, learn new things, and it helps me stay motivated. You don’t even have to go to the gym, just take a quick walk outside and listen to music. Do some body weight training, stuff you enjoy.

LAST HABIT is going to bed early. I need my 9 hours of sleep. I can not stay up late anymore doing nothing. If I’m out with friends or doing something that’s one thing but if you are just up late at night snacking and watching tv. Just go to bed you will feel so much more energized and motivated if you get the proper amount of sleep. Also whats helped me with this is not eating past 8. The most common reason people stay up late is because their bored and what do you do when you’re bored? you eat. So by not eating past dinner or a certain time you will feel ready for bed and not more awake by eating and watching a show.

Ok I lied.. LAST LAST HABIT. This one has helped me so much, make time to do the things you want to do. I love just being in my room by myself after a long busy day and just relaxing. If I’m always on the go and don’t stop interacting with people I will literally burn out. Who cares if you don’t hangout with someone every single night. Do what makes you feel better.




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