My morning routine for 2018

So as I’m writing this I currently have not done my morning routine since we are currently  having a blizzard right now and staying in my warm bed and not being productive sounds a lot better than feeling alive. BUT having a morning routine on a productive day and honestly every other day really does make a difference with how your day goes and how your mood is throughout the day. I can tell you now that today will not be productive since I’m just sitting here, so having a morning routine is a huge step into making your life more motivating and productive!

I usually wake up around 8/8:30, seems early but feels way better than waking up last-minute and rushing to get everything done.

When I first wake up of course I have to check my phone which is such a bad habit that I’m trying to break because honestly I didn’t miss that much while I was sleeping. I will usually go on for about like 10/15 minutes. Then I always have to have breakfast, I have NO motivation or energy to do anything if I don’t eat something when I wake up. Making time to sit relax and have breakfast is so important and really gets you in the right mindset for the day. literally the only thing I’ve been eating for breakfast is peanut butter oatmeal. IM OBSESSED. (I can do a what I eat in a day post next and how I make it if wanted!). So after that I will workout, usually for the winter I workout in my basement because I have a little gym down there! At home workouts are just as good as going to the gym! Working out in the morning for me is so much better than waiting as the day goes on to find energy to workout. After working out in the morning you feel so much more energized for the day and want to be more productive and healthier. Recently I’ve been trying to do yoga in the morning to get my body centered, sounds silly but honestly makes you feel a lot better. Then ill shower and get ready. I love using the coffee mask scrub from lush. It makes my skin feel so soft and awake. I will put that on while I clean up my room, make my bed, put away clothes, etc. Literally anything you can do to improve your mood/mindset why wouldn’t you do it? Find something that gets you going and continue to do it.

Hope this motivates you to get up and moving in the morning xoxo



1 thought on “My morning routine for 2018

  1. YEEEP for sure, thank you so much for this great post 👌❤❤…

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