My top 5 February goals

HAPPY first Friday of February!! Was it just me or did it seem like January lasted so long. I know most of the everyones New Years resolutions have started to fade but its a new month with new expectations!!

I like to think of just 5 monthly goals I want to attain at a time other than a whole bunch of goals for the new year that I will most likely forget or be to over whelmed to accomplish! Sectioning out your goals monthly or even weekly will help you keep up with them than having so many at once for the whole year!!

My top 5 goals for February are going to be:

1- Still working out 4x/5x a week and trying to add yoga into it! Yoga is so relaxing and such a stress releaser to just calm your body down and flow into the positions. Also told myself if i accomplish this I can buy these shoes I want at the end of the month! (treat yo self)

2- SAVE MONEY. I am so bad at saving money and I think I just realized that money looks better in your bank account then on you. Of course I’m still going to buy myself things because I’m not that crazy….. BUT I will be not buying myself things everyday and try to save money this month so no more Starbucks everyday or quick trips to the store because I saw something I like.

3- DRINK MORE WATER. I swear drinking more water helps you with so many things. Once I cut out pop and juice in my diet and just drinking water, I lost water weight, my skin was clear, I didn’t feel bloated, I wasn’t tired, and appetite control! You can even add fruit into your water to make it pretty and taste less like water ahah. I sometimes add strawberries, lemons, mint with cucumber, or chia seeds.

4-  Getting 8 to 9 hours of sleep a night. sleep is so important to me and helps you so much with your mood and energy level. Yes I’m the lame one who will go to bed at 10:30 or 11, not because I have to but because it makes me feel so much better and the next day I wake up so refreshed and motivated.

5- Sundays I’m going to dedicate to myself! So cleaning my room, doing laundry, doing things that are getting me ready for the week ahead or things I have put off doing during the week. basically a self-care day to relax and recharge my body. You are not a machine, you will burn out if you don’t take care of yourself so dedicate one day out of the week to re-charge your mind and body.

Hope this motivates you to become a better version of yourself and to stay motivated! xoxo

Also the sweater I wore in this picture is from express and its the comfiest, softest sweater ever! click here to shop it!

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