My DIY 3 step iced coffee (better than Starbucks)


Have you ever spent so much money for coffee that you almost want to cry? I purposely don’t count all the money I spend on coffee each month so I don’t give myself a heart attack! I’ve slowly started limiting my Starbucks to twice a week and only for when I’m on the go!

I’ve finally found out how I like to make my iced coffee and omg it’s so simple.

SOOOO all you need is of course some ground coffee or you can use a k cup. Make  your coffee as usual and let it cool for a little bit. I let mine sit for about 15/20 minutes Put a good amount of ice into a cup and pour the coffee half full.  Allowing your coffee to sit makes it so the ice doesn’t immediately melt when you pour the coffee! If it does just add more ice when your done and stir it around. Now this is where you can get fun with it. I use vanilla almond milk that is probably my all time favorite thing to put into my coffee because you don’t need to add any other sweetener! I swear this combo tastes better than Starbucks and its so cheap!

Let me know if you try this and how you like it!! XOXO


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