Weekend in my life (how to be prepared)


I hate rushing in the morning when I have somewhere to be at a certain time. Rushing throws off my mood and my whole day when something doesn’t go right. Every weekend usually consists of me coaching cheerleading. Ether its a practice or clinic or competition I’m usually never free on the weekends. This past weekend my teams had a state competition so I went up Friday and stayed until Sunday evening! So of course I had to be prepared and on time for those days. Heres some little tips I do to make it a stress free process.

First thing I have learned with leaving to go somewhere for a weekend is make a list!! I always forget at least 7 things when just packing random off the top of my head. I always make a list ether on my phone or even just written down with the things I need or want to bring. Even make a list going by the days you will be there and what you need for those days.

Another thing I make sure to do is laundry a couple of days before so I know that the clothes I want to bring will be clean and I even start gathering them together so its easier to pack when I’m ready.

Invest in a cosmetic to go bag. I started carrying a cosmetic bag with a tooth-brush, tooth paste, face wash, lotion, and other necessities that I have at home but these products will stay in that bag even when I’m home so I don’t have to worry about grabbing everything and it’s already together and ready to go! (saves so much time)

I also started carrying a blanket in my car because Ive actually have used it a bunch of times and it’s always good to have an extra blanket handy when traveling.

PACK THE NIGHT BEFORE!!!! honestly this is something I never do but when I have it has made a HUGE difference with being prepared and stress free. I pack all my clothes and get my makeup bags ready for when im done getting ready in the morning I just pack everything up and im ready to go!

These are all the little tips I do for when I have a busy weekend, and it’s always fun to see how others handle their busy weekends right? 🙂

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