My top 5 favorite workouts



TGIF! Spring break is coming up and I know everyone wants to start prepping for that spring break body! Ever since the new year I’ve been doing this 8 week workout e-book called sweat it to shred it! It’s amazing and gives you step by step directions what to do on which day! Pretty pricey but so worth it! So far HIIT workouts are my all time favorite because you get it done and over with so fast and still are burning fat after you are done! I know so many people hate even thinking about working out because you don’t know what to do or if the workouts are even going to work. So I’m giving you 5 of my all time favorite workouts that definitely work! Remember you won’t see results over night but if you are consistent and determined then you will achieve what you want!

My first workout that I love doing are jump squats! Set a timer for 30 seconds and begin. Take a 10 sec break in between each of the 30 seconds and repeat 5 times.


My second favorite workout is side to side toe taps! This burns your abs if you squeeze your belly towards your back and do it for 1 min straight, 20 sec rest. Then repeat 3x


Third workout I love doing is walking lunges! I will do this for 30 seconds, 10 sec break, then repeat 6x ( switch legs ever 30 seconds)


Fourth workout is mountain climbers. Never can go wrong with this workout! I’ll do this 30 seconds, 10 sec break, then repeat 5x!


My final workout I love doing is hip thrusts! Really engage your core and your bottom when doing these! You can even add a weight and hold it at your lower abdomen. I will do this for 30 sec, 10 sec break, repeat 5x!


So these 5 workouts together would be your HIIT workout! You would do each workout for the amount of reps I gave and would take a 35 second break in between each workout! You can do this round once or twice if you want a harder workout! Good luck!!!


1 thought on “My top 5 favorite workouts

  1. Thanks andie I’m going to be ripped by spring break 🔥🔥🔥


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