New year January resolutions

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! I definitely love starting fresh and having an excuse to start fresh. It’s an opportunity to set goals and change the things you want to change about yourself. Of course you can change at anytime but who doesn’t love a set in stone new year/ new beginning. So for my new year resolutions I’m doing them separated by month so if anyone wants to do it with me you can!

For January I’m setting 3 goals for each month.

First goal is working out at least 5x a week! Every time I workout I will make a tally mark for $5. At the end of the month I’ll add up all the tally marks and use that money to spend on a new workout clothing item or something to reward myself! It definitely will help with motivation.

Second goal is mediating everyday. Not everyone is a fan of this but if you are just feeling down or super anxious, meditating helps so much and can totally transform your mindset.

Third goal is waking up early and not procrastinating. I always wake up later than I’m suppose to and end up rushing and having nothing done. So by waking up earlier I have more time to plan and my day can start smooth and not have a crappy day because of a bad morning.


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