what I got for Christmas + reviews

Christmas is my favorite holiday. NOT only because of gifts but giving gifts to my family and friends is the best feeling ever. I love spending time with my family which we go to my aunts on Christmas Eve and my grandmas on Christmas Day. Being with my family is so comforting and probably one of the most best feelings when being surround by people who care and love you.

This year I wasn’t even that excited to open gifts. I was mainly excited to give gifts to others and go to holiday parties with family! I guess that’s what growing up feels like haha!

SOOO the first thing I got and had asked for were the Ugg moccasins. They are the perfect lazy winter/cold day shoe!! I got them in a grey color because they were the cutest color and still can match many outfits. 10/10


Next thing I for sure wanted and got was a Clarisonic mia 2! I have always wanted a good face brush to help with breakouts because the brush and product you use really make a difference! so far I have used it everyday since I got it and I use it with my Clinique face products and my face has never been so soft and glowy.


Another one of my main things I wanted (and got for myself) is an Apple Watch. I’m so excited to use this for working out. Im always on the go and a lot of the times not able to carry my phone on me so using this is going to make things so much easier. Also why not treat yourself!


Last thing I was absolutely in LOVE with that my boyfriend got me where these Ray Ban sunglasses. They are so pretty and are the perfect fadded blue! They look so good with dark features and are good for winter styling and summer!


Lastly I got some clothes and other basic necessitates! I’m so grateful to be even able for my family to get me gifts on Christmas and I’m so thankful.

Watch out for my next blog post on New Year goals and resolutions!! 

2 thoughts on “what I got for Christmas + reviews

  1. I want to invest in an Apple Watch so bad


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