Habits I live by


HAPPY THURSDAY!! Only 3 days until Christmas. Im so so excited to spend time with family and see all my favorite people open up gifts I think they will love. I wanted to share some positive healthy habits I live by and that 100% make my days better.

  1. Waking up early and having a morning routine! Having something to look forward too will want to make you get out of bed and start your day! I love making breakfast and having a cup of coffee and relax before I start my day.
  2. Meditating or practicing mindfulness. Sounds so weird and crazy but honestly meditating and focusing on your breathing can help reduce anxiety and anxious feelings!
  3. Exercising!!!! Not only will this help you physically but will also boost your mood and help release stress and anxiety. Taking 10 minutes out of your day to do some physically activity won’t kill you and you’ll be more happy throughout the rest of your day!
  4. Not focusing on what others are doing/ thinking. I have ALWAYS struggled with thinking about how other people would view me or only doing things because others are. That is not a healthy way to live and once I figured out how to stop thinking like that my life has been so much happier.
  5. Changing your mindset and the law of attraction. If you always are thinking of how much you hate doing something or you can’t do something then you won’t do it. If you change how you look at something and believe there will be a positive out come then there will be. What you think about is what outcome you will have. When you worry about certain things or think negatively then of course you will attract more things that are like that. Think positive and your life will be positive.
  6. CHANGE WHATS UPSETTING YOU. This is so important. I always see people complaining about how their life sucks and what they don’t like. Do something to change it. You have the power to completely change your day, mindset, life, values, job. Anything you can think of you can change it. Complaining about it won’t help you get to where you want.

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