My favorite Starbucks drinks and hacks!!

Im OBSESSED with Starbucks! I use to go probably every single day until I realized how much money I could be using to buy other things. I still go probably like 3 times a week. Here are some money saving tips and also low calorie drinks!

  1. I love love Carmel macchiatos! Buying a grande size one is around $5! SO I found a little hack that is only $2.92 for a grande and still has a Carmel taste. I get a grande Carmel iced coffee with cream. I will ether do cream or coconut milk depending on my mood. WAY less calories and also less money!
  2. Green tea Frappuccino. I found this drink through this girl on youtube and its so addicting if you want something sweet but not chocolaty. So I get a green tea frappuccino with coconut milk and vanilla with no classic sweetener and no whip cream!! This is a little pricer but such a great sweet tooth drink.  This can also be just a iced green tea latte with coconut milk and vanilla. Having coconut milk and no whip cream also brings down the calories. ADDING VANILLA makes the biggest difference and tastes so damn good.
  3. Flat white. This is one of the basic coffee drinks that wakes you up. If you don’t mind a strong coffee taste this is great. It has few calories and you could add a flavor or different milk!
  4. My favorite holiday drink is the toasted white chocolate mocha. I get it with coconut milk and no whip cream. Again getting things with ether non fat milk or coconut milk/ almond milk are better for your digestive system and can bring down calories.


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