Cheap holiday room decor!

Every time the holidays come around, since I still live at home and can’t re decorate my house with out my mom going crazy, I just re do my room all the time!! I love expressing myself with accessories or fashion. So yesterday I went shopping for some holiday decor for my room. Everything I bought was under $15!!!!!! And everything is so simple and cute!

First thing I have in my room is my Christmas tree that I got from target! I just decorate it with tiny ordainments and ribbons that I got from target as well. This is a super easy way to make your room a little more cute for the holidays.  IMG_0138

I love accessorizing my room with candles they are a necessity to decorating everything! I got this one from marshals for $7.99 and it’s the cutest winter candle ever and smells so  amazing                                                  IMG_0134

String lights have always been popular and I’ve never bought any until now and I love them! You could use them for holidays or even just in your room for decor! I got these for $5.99 at Target! Also garland is a super easy way to decorate for the holidays.img_0128.jpg

Bed accessories are my favorite! I love buying different pillows and blankets and making different color schemes. This is definitely an easy way to change your room without doing to much! Just change out the bedding and pillows!

By adding little decor to your room can change your mood and make you feel more relaxed and comfortable. Also who doesn’t want a cute room.

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