Self care

Most days when I don’t have much going on I take the time to do things I like to do and that make me feel good about myself so yesterday I got my nails done which is my favorite thing to do. Having my nails done makes me feel like everything in my life is going great even when it’s not! Then I went to target and walked around and got some things and a new book! Which is pictured in this! I love reading self-help books and books on how to be your best self! I picked up this one which I started reading and it is so good so far! Getting coffee is another one of my favorite things to do and is also very therapeutic! The one I got here is the toasted white chocolate mocha with coconut milk! I always get ether coconut milk or almond milk! Fewer calories and you can barely taste the difference! Having alone time with yourself and doing the things you love is so important and good for your mental health. Highly recommend treating yourself every once in a while!

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