Clear skin hacks!


I have struggled with having clear skin from middle school to the middle of high school. I always was doing different random things to my skin thinking it would work over night. I finally found a skin care routine that I love and that helps me maintain my clear skin.

  1. Cut out pop, slurpees, and candy! I would drink pop or a slurpee everyday and could always count on waking up with another pimple. once I stopped doing that everyday and drinking tons of water I saw a huge change in my skin and the texture of it. limit pop or sugary drinks to a couple of times a week and have small portions. Drink 2 liters of water a day. I find it easy by using a water bottle that is a liter and refilling it.
  2. Find a skin routine that works for you. I was always buying random cleansers and lotions and all different products for my face and using them all at once and thought it was never working because I didn’t see a change after 1 day. Once you find what works for you and keep doing it for 3 weeks straight and you will see a difference. But using to many products can dry out your skin so limit what you use at once.
  3.  Wash your face morning and night. Many people sleep with their makeup on and wonder why their skin is so bad. You should always remove all the dirt and oils before you go to sleep. And exfoliate once a night or every other night.
  4. Changing your pillow cases and makeup brushes! All the oil from your face is on your pillows and not washing them regularly could make you break out on your cheeks or side of your face and same goes for makeup brushes make sure you wash them often. Also avoid touching or rubbing your face, bacteria and oils from your hands can clog your pores and cause you to break out.
  5. spot treatment. I love using tea tree oil and Mario Badescu drying lotion. Just applying it to your problem spots and sleeping with it on can make a huge difference.
  6. Last thing is a clean diet. If you are eating fried foods and chips and anything greasy all the time it is not good for your skin. Also I found limiting dairy products has caused me not to break out anymore.

Hope this helps! xoxo

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